The Happy Sistah Program is a program where black women will learn the fundamentals of happiness and learn how she can apply it to her personal life. This course is occurs for seven weeks where a sistah will undergo a transformation from sad/mad/hopeless to happy/glad/hopeful. During the course you will learn:

  • What Happiness Truly Is
  • The Prevention Of Happiness and How To Overcome Obstacles
  • How to Program Your Mind To A Happy One
  • How To Become Your Own Best Friend
  • How To Build Your Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence
  • The Cost Of Happiness
  • How To Create A Village Of Happy People
  • How to Maintain Your Happiness

Join us on this journey in to a happier life! Below are some things you will need for the course:

  • Emotinal Self-Care Journal by Stress Less Press
  • Self-Care Planner and Journal By Stress Less Press
  • Own My Magic by G. Michelle Goodloe, LCSW
  • Vison Board App
  • A Blank Journal
  • Four Poster Boards (Dollar Tree)
  • Markers
  • Hand Mirror
  • Picture of Yourself At Your Happiest
  • Soul Care Kit Items (Sent in sperate e-mail)

The price of this course is $330.00 and I tired to make this course as affordable as possible for low income black women. This course starts January 15th, 2023 at 8pm EST and will be seven weeks. If you want to sign-up for the course, submit your payment below. You will be sent an e-mail with the Zoom link 48 hours before the course starts. If you have any questions, e-mail: Happy Healing!!