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There are several courses available and more will be added over time! These courses will be added in phases, and it is suggested to take a course (or all) from each phase to help your transformation journey. I tried to make courses as affordable as possible to reach women from low income households. There is also payment plans available! By the time you reach the Wealthier Phase, you will be happier, and healthier, and able to achieve your financial goals. I promise that investing in these courses, and investing in yourself will give you a great return on investment! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

The Sistah’s Coach

Becoming A Sistah

The Ultimate Feminine Program (2023): Are you tired of the conversation that black women are not “feminine” enough? Are you tired of struggling to define your womanhood? Are you tired of operating in an energy that drains you and stops you from flourishing? This course will help you to define femininity in a way that is inclusive to you, and transform you into the ultimate feminine. Join this course if you want help self-defining your womanhood and embrace what it means to be a woman!

The Happier Phase

The Happy Sistah Program (January 2023): Are you constantly stressed and in a low mood? Are you finding it hard to find a piece of paradise in this world? Are you finding it hard to smile, laugh, and motivate yourself to do the things you used to enjoy? This is the course to help you achieve the ultimate happiness! In this course, you will be given the tools to help you find for and maintain your peace and happiness! My special happiness formula is one way that you can live a happier life, despite the obstacles that are thrown at you. Join this course to embark on this journey to becoming the happy sistah!

Get Over It: From Heartbreak to Breakthrough (2023): Are you just coming out of a break-up and find it hard to “get over it”? Does this person constantly invade your thoughts through-out the day? Does this person constantly ruminate in your mind at night? Are these thoughts turning into nightmares? This course will help you get over that lover and transform you from heartbreak to breakthrough. My formula is one way that you can heal from this break-up, and attract the lover you deserve! Join this course to get over him and get your breakthrough!

The Reparenting Program: Have you endured a toxic household that left you feeling neglected, abandoned, or used? Do you still struggle to reconcile with your parents in adulthood? Do you find yourself under-nurtured and under-valued? Do you deal with feeling unsecure in your worth, and who you are? This course will help you embark on a journey of reparenting that will touch your inner child and healed her wounds. My formula is one way you can heal those inner wounds, and make your inner child happy! Join this course to embark on this reparenting journey!

The Happy In Love Program: Is your relationship going in a downward spiral, and you feel like you’re losing your partner? Has your relationship hit it’s peak, and you feel it may be over? Are you losing the spark in your relationship, and it’s starting to feel boring? If you want to spark the flame again, this course will help transform your relationship where both partners can be happy in love again! My formula is one way to ignite the love again, and help you maintain it long-term! Join this course to embark on this journey to rise happy in love!

The Healthier Phase

The Ultimate Wellness Program (2023): Are you struggling mentally and emotionally? Has your physical well-being been negatively impacted by mental and emotional issues? Has your finances been affected by mental and emotional issues? Do you feel like you have a non-existent relationship with your higher power? This course can help you achieve the ultimate wellness in all areas of your life; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. My formula can improve all areas in your life and offer you an accountability partner on your wellness journey. Join this course to get well and get your life back!

The Personal Growth Program (Individual): Are you self-sabotaging your life because of childhood wounds? Do you feel like you are not on the same level as your peers? Are you struggling to take accountability for your life? Join this twelve week program to help you discover the truth about yourself, help you reparent yourself, reconcile your inner child with your current self, and transform into the grown ass woman you are meant to become. We will embark on a healing journey that is integrative, transforming, and empowering. Join this course to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

The Godly Self Program (2023): Do you feel disconnected from your higher power and feel like you have lost your way? Do you feel like your life has no purpose? Have you encountered obstacle after obstacle and struggle after struggle? Join this program to embark on a transformative journey where you can discover your Godly Self and transform into the Goddess you are meant to be!

The “Peep Game And Choose Wisely” Program (2023): Are you struggling to find “the one” who will be your life partner in love? Are you finding yourself choosing the wrong partners, leading to constant heartbreak and disappointment? Are you struggling to find dating strategies that will help you weed out the losers from the winners? Join this course to develop a fool-proof strategy to peeping game and choosing wisely!

The Wealthier Phase

The SMART Money Diva Program: Are you struggling to get a hold of your finances so you can transform from surviving to thriving? Does it feel like you are working for money and it’s not working for you? Do you fear losing it all and having to rebuild? Join this course so we can develop a plan to transform you into a SMART Money Diva!

The Boss Up Queen Program: Do you envision yourself to be a BOSS who is in charge of her own life? Are you tired of working dead end jobs and want to become the BOSS of her own company? Do you want to strive to take a leadership role in your community? Join this course if you desire to transform into a BOSS Up Queen!

Three Course Bundles

The Joy Bundle: This bundle will include three courses that will help you find the joy you deserve when you decide to live your best life! The courses include:

The Healing Bundle: Have you been burdened by sadness, fear, and anger? This bundle will include three courses that will help you achieve the ultimate healing! These courses include:

The Boss Bundle: Are you ready to Boss Up your life and take charge? This bundle will include three courses that will help you become the BOSS that you are meant to be! These courses include:

The Love Bundle: Are you ready to experience romance like you have never experienced before? This bundle will include three courses that will help you heal from the toxic relationships of the past and become happy in love! These courses will include:

The Goddess Bundle: Are you ready to transform yourself into the Goddess you are meant to be? This bundle will take you on a spiritual journey that will help you become your Godly Self! This bundle will include:

The Rich Auntie Bundle: Do you dream of becoming a rich auntie that travels the world, tells her nieces and nephews about the stories of her many lovers, and has sage wisdom that will impact future generations? This bundle will be for the future rich Aunties that want to be carefree. This bundle will include:

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