I am Tanisha and I currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I consider myself a black woman who have awakened from the spell of patriarchy and I honor the The Dark Mother, by using my magic, skills, and wisdom to awaken other black women. I studied at Georgia State University and graduated with my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in social work.

During my time at Georgia State University, I interned as a success coach at a residential facility for low income families, as well as interned as a financial coach at a financial education center. In my undergraduate and graduate programs I gained the tools and knowledge to provide coaching services, facilitate therapeutic conversations that improves well-being, incorporated ways to use my personal story to motivate clients to succeed in completing their goals, and learned how to manage my own organizations and movements.

I am also a black woman who has a mental health diagnosis and learned ways to manage my own personal battles. The tools I use in my daily life to manage my own mental illness, are the same tools I use in my services as they have proven to improve my own mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Not only do I speak from the mind of an educated woman, but I also speak from my own experiences. My no nonsense advice comes from both a place of Love in my heart and wisdom from my experiences and studies.

As a passionate mental health advocate and professional, I will not steer you wrong. I use my knowledge, skills, and wisdom to encourage, motivate, and heal women daily and coach women to find the Queen and Goddess in them.  My mission in life, is to heal women, wake us up from the patriarchal spell, and transform our lives so we can be happier, healthier, and wealthier. Allow me to be your coach on your journey towards a better future.