Hello! I am @thesistahscoach and I dedicate my work to help black women transform into happier, healthier, and wealthier women! I can’t promise that all of your problems will go away, but I am confident that your life will be easier and you will be more Fearless! You do not have to travel your healing journey alone! Let me guide you through your transformation process so you can have a more powerful, peaceful, and prosperous future!

Have your life been filled with one traumatic event after another, trial after trial, and too many obstacles? One word: Patriarchy! We live within an oppressive system that marginalized, oppressed, and disenfranchised many people! Poor people! People of color! WOMEN! Unfortunately, black women resides at the intersection of many of these oppressive systems! It may seem like you can’t get ahead in the rat race as you are hit with problem after problem, setback after setback, and too many traps! While I don’t have the power to make these issues go away, I am here to tell you that you can still THRIVE despite these obstacles! Let me coach you through this journey called Life, by giving you tools that can help you thrive and bring your dreams into fruition!

So much is expected of women to be perfect so we can get the bare minimum of treatment from others. We are not accepted for out imperfections. We are not forgiven for our mistakes. We are not allowed to fail and course correct. Mother/Woman hating patriarchy has made it where women are not given the safe space to simply BE. To blossom and grow without everyone trying to dictate how we will grow and blossom. Very rarely are women given the opportunity to reveal who we truly are; the bad, the ugly, and the dark, because we are expected to ALWAYS be good, beautiful, and light. This is denying us of our human experience. This is denying us of our birthright to be ourselves. This is denying us of our freedom to just BE. Of course this isn’t to influence women to hurt others or perform evil acts without cause, however, we need the safe space to find who we are and present it to the world without judgment, harm, or crucifixion. Maybe we would have less stress, less depression, and less anxiety if we are allowed to JUST BE. And if the world will not give this to us, we must give it to ourselves and each other. This is why sister circles are important. This is why sisterhood is important. Be a sistah.

 I truly believe that transformations of the human population are coming in waves and as people go through their transformation process they will come out on the other side more humane and Godly. I’m not an astrologer, but I think the first wave came around 2017 during the total solar eclipse. This is when the dark moon covered the sun and to me this symbolizes the darker aspects of yourself emerging to be reconciled with your light attributes. For women this was the time where the dark feminine risen to align with the light masculine. Many people went through what is called “The Dark Night Of The Soul” which in itself is a death and rebirth transformation. I was one of those people. The healers that have emerged these last few years are preparing for the next wave of people to go through the Dark Night Of The Soul during and after the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Continuing on until the end of time as we humans evolve into more humane and Godly beings. For those who need Coaching through these dark phases you will encounter in your life, subscribe and sign-up for my programs and courses!

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